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About Our Volunteers

Our volunteers all live nearby.  

Many of our volunteers are neighbors in our own communities. Most come from Berlin, Bolton, and Lancaster, but we also welcome volunteers from surrounding towns.


Our volunteers are vetted.

Nashoba Neighbors volunteers agree to a vetting process to ensure the comfort and safety of our members. That vetting will be renewed periodically, as well. Vetting includes:

  • An interview with a Nashoba Neighbors Volunteer Coordinator
  • a CORI (Criminal Offense Registry Inquiry) and SORB (Sexual Offense Registry Board) check

Those volunteering to provide transportation must drive their own cars. Vetting for these volunteers also includes:

  • an RMV driving record check
  • review for required car insurance
  • volunteer drivers must also be at least 21 years old

We welcome volunteers under age 18; however, they must be accompanied and guided by a fully-vetted volunteer age 18 or older.


Our volunteers receive initial training and ongoing support.

All volunteers receive one-to-one or small group training when they first come on board. They review expectations for how to support our members, our Code of Conduct and other key policies, and how to respond in unexpected situations.

We ask all members to let us know how their assistance went and how we can do better. This feedback is shared with volunteers, too, so we can all work to serve members better over time.

Volunteers also participate in occasional support sessions so they remain up-to-date with their practices and informed about the organization's services and efforts on members' behalf.

Our volunteers believe in our mission to help members keep dignity, control, and independence as they age at home, while also being part of a vibrant, supportive community.

All are welcome!  

Nashoba Neighbors welcomes volunteers of any race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression and identity, physical appearance, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, socio-economic background, or military status in any of its activities or operations.

Some volunteers are also members of Nashoba Neighbors!

Some people need occasional assistance so they are members of Nashoba Neighbors, but that doesn't mean they don't can't volunteer, too!

For example, a member may not be able to drive anymore, but she may organize and host a weekly online book group. Another member may need help with household repairs or yard work, but he is perfectly able to drive around the area on errands or take members to appointments. It feels great to be able to help others even when you need help yourself!

Our volunteers help in the ways they feel most qualified.   

During their interview, volunteers indicate their availability, relevant skills and interests, and prior experience. Nashoba Neighbors is then more able to make a good match between volunteers and members' service requests - finding the right person for the right job!


Our volunteers care about our members and want to be useful.

Our volunteers care about helping our members age successfully in their homes while remaining active and connected with their community. They are friendly and want to help our members, neighbor-to-neighbor.


Our volunteers follow safety rules.

Your safety is our top concern. During COVID times, all our volunteers wear masks: (1) if not fully vaccinated, (2) when working indoors, (3) when helping within three feet of members, or (4) whenever you request it! They wash their hands regularly and social distance when needed.

We are committed to providing members with safe and pleasurable rides to their appointments and events. Nashoba Neighbors drivers keep their hands on the wheel, not on their cell phones. They use their signals appropriately and stop for pedestrians. They yield when entering rotaries - all the things you expect good drivers to do!

Our volunteers will not administer or handle members' medications or provide medical assistance. That's for the experts! If a member falls and is hurt, they will call for help rather than try, unsafely, to lift someone.

Similarly, volunteers will not perform electrical, plumbing, or technology help if the job requires an expert. They will help you schedule a visit from the technician of your choice instead.