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Why Join Nashoba Neighbors?


                   The Big Idea                   

We can age at home and thrive when we help and connect with each other, neighbor-to-neighbor.

Nashoba Neighbors aims to help members remain active and engaged by connecting them to a vibrant, responsive support system and by providing opportunities to shape and contribute to a meaningful way of life as we all age over time.

Enjoy Family and Friends while Remaining Independent with Nashoba Neighbors



Please note that Nashoba Neighbors does NOT:

  • Administer or handle medications, treatment, or any type of medical care
  • Feed members
  • Do any tasks that require a professional license (plumbing, electrical work, nurse assistance)
  • Attempt to lift someone who has fallen, provide lift assistance, or lift objects over 40-50 lbs
  • Use the member’s vehicle without appropriate insurance to cover the volunteer driver
  • Clean up bodily fluids or hazardous materials
  • Accept gifts of value; however, tea, coffee, and small food items are acceptable
  • Make referrals or recommendations to paid services or contractors 


So Many Reasons to Join!

All the services you need & enjoy!  

  • Transportation - daytime, evenings, and weekends
  • Light home repairs and upkeep
  • Yard and outdoor home care
  • Help with change of season chores
  • Neighborly visits and wellness check-ins
  • Short-term emergency supports
  • Technology assistance
  • Home management support
  • Connection to other resources in the community
  • Social activities, interest groups, and educational activities 

 Call just one number for help and without hesitation - no need to feel badly about asking the same friends, neighbors, or family members for help!

Preserve your independence while remaining an active, valued member of your community.

Gain a sense of security. Wondering “Who will be there for me?” when planning for retirement, surgery, or unexpected situations? Nashoba Neighbors is an answer.

Have fun, learn new things, and meet people! Stay connected with your community and people you enjoy.

 Enjoy opportunities to help others and to give back to your neighbors.

 Transportation services are friendly and comfortable, and take you from point to point, person to person, any time of day and any day of the week (assuming volunteer availability).

You may even save money! Your membership fee will likely cost less than what it will cost to pay for ongoing driving services, home handyman services, technology support, and yard care services.